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(Update 24. May 2018)

Vector Monitors

The entry and overview page for Vector Monitors

This page shows all Vector Monitors that I am aware of. Vector monitors bring the ideas and intuition of the game designers to life. Vector Monitors were unique in the way they showed bright and crisp pictures at a time when the resolution of Raster Monitors was still blocky and the movement of the characters jumpy. Electronics design was at its limits in Vector Monitors, especially with some unreliable color versions that contributed much to the fall of the vector games.

Below there is for each monitor either a picture of a deflection board and High Voltage board or a complete monitor from the rear for an easy identification.

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Amplifone built a color vector monitor in 19" and 25" which was a very good design, however had severe reliability problems with a series of HV transformers. They were supplier of Atari.

no picture available

Amplifone (19/25" color)
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Amplifone (13" color)
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Electrohome built both, b/w and color vector monitors. Their b/w monitors can be found in Atari's games. The color G08-003 was sold to SEGA/Gremlin.

G05-801 (19" b/w)
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G05-802 (19" b/w)
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G05-805 (15" b/w)
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G08-003 (19" color)
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Hantarex built b/w vector monitors with various tube sizes for mainly the european market. Also one color "prototype" is known to exist.

MTRV (13-19" b/w)
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Color( color)
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Toei Mussan
These b/w vector monitors are rarely seen in the U.S. or Europe. Used in METEOR (Asteroids Clone).

Toei (15" b/w)
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LAI - Leisure Allied Industries
These b/w vector monitors are rarely seen in the U.S. or Europe. Mostly used for Asteroids etc. sold in the Asia-Pacific region.

LAI (14" or 20" b/w)
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Vectorbeam / Cinematronics (Keltron)
Cinematronics and Vectorbeam shared the same design (Keltron), however it is said the Vectorbeam built monitors are of higher quality. Monitors were used for their own games.

Vectorbeam (19" b/w)
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Wells Gardner 
Wells Gardner was the main supplier for Atari's Vector games and built both b/w and color vector monitors.

no picture available

15V2000 (15" b/w)
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19V2000 (19" b/w)
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WG6100 (19" color)
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WG6400 (19" color)
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