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(Update 24. May 2018)

Licensed & Cloned Vector Games

This page tries to cover the licensed and cloned Vectorgames. It can only be a try because every day when looking around in the internet I find more of these. The production run is mostly small and identifying owners and finding pictures is a real effort.

The games fall into three categories:
  1. The original manufacturer's PCBs were used in a different cabinet (licensed).
  2. Some companies cloned the PCB and used the ROM images or most of it in their own cabinets.
  3. The third possibility was to produce only a PCB clone and sell this one w/o bothering about a cab.

adp (Germany)

Meteor (License? of Asteroids / Atari) - This is probably a licensed build from the german company adp. So far only a couple of pictures exist from a wall-hanging cabinet. The manufacturer of both the PCB and the Monitor are unknown. The large front screen has a colorful printing showing the word 'METEOR' and a flying saucer.

  adp - 19??
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Alca (UK)

Planet (Clone of Asteroids / Atari) - Cited from Wikipedia: It's a European Asteroids clone by a company called Alca - notable for some nice bright artwork and a Hantarex vector monitor. Picture is from James Greenhalgh's site [link].
To be verified : HOEI xy monitors were used in ALCA's planet [source]. Information from the Internet says that ALCA made their own PCB with a copy of ATARI's Asteroids Rev.A ROMs. Also an "unremarkable" cocktail version is said to exist in a "japanese" style with metal legs  [source], see picture...

  Alca - 1981
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Alpha Denshi? (country?)

Planet (Clone of Asteroids / Atari) maybe the same as "Planet" from ALCA? - Extract from KLOV: The cabinet has woodgrain sides, a black/bright pink and yellow color scheme and has some mirrored glass outlines used around the text. This is a straight bootleg of Asteroids by Atari, copied off Atari's Rev A boards. It uses the easier set of ROMs so you can get a really high score because the gameplay is easier. There are no copyright notices in the game.
Documentation: The schematics supplied with the machine are straight photocopies of Atari's Asteroids, but with all the Atari writing blanked out.
Monitor: The game uses a very unusual Hantarex Vector monitor. Hantarex are not known to have produced vector monitors. They are a big european monitor manufacturer that are still going strong today. Perhaps this was a batch developed 'on the side' by Hantarex for Alca only. There is no documentation found so far for it. (not true...)
» Planet / Alpha Denshi on KLOV - http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter=P&game_id=9037

  Alpha Denshi - 1979
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Artic / ATW (Taiwan)

Androids - Clone of Asteroids (Atari) . This is an Upright that I detected in an Australian Arcade forum (http://www.arcade-80s.com/), see link for direct access to foto. According to the current owner the PCB is actually an Asteroids PCB but the Mylar (Marquee) states "Androids". Waiting for feedback from him about more details and pictures.

  Clone of Asteroids - 19??
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Bertolino (Italy)
- was the official distributor of Atari in Italy (possibly also for Cinematronics for some time)
Space Wars (License? of Cinematronics' Space Wars) - Only Marco Vernelli's machine known so far. It has a different side art that the machine from Cinematronics, also the instructions on the CP are in italian language. The components seem to be standard Cinematronics. Here's the link to Marco's page http://www.vernimark.com/arcade/archive/gameinfo.asp?GameID=532
More to come...

Space Wars
  License of Space Wars - 1978
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Centuri (U.S.) - see also  Centuri on the "Other Original Manufacturer" page.
Ripoff (Licensed build of Ripoff / Cinematronics) -

  Lic. Cinematronics - 1979
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Elettronolo (Italy)

Stellar Castle (Clone of Star Castle / Cinematronics) -

Stellar Castle
  Clone of Star Castle - 1980
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Exidy (U.S) - See also  Exidy on the "Other Original Manufacturer" page.
Tailgunner 2 (License/Cockpit of Tailgunner / Cinematronics) - It is more or less a Tailgunner in a Cockpit version. Tailgunner 2 Marquee from  www.classicarcadegrafix.com.

Tailgunner II
  Lic. Cinematronics - 1980
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Hoei International (Japan)

Nucleus Cannon / Star Castle  (Clone of Star Castle / Cinematronics) - It's made by Hoei, has a Hoei made PCB with the Cinematronics ROMS of Star Castle, uses a Toei Mussan XY B/W Monitor and is known only as a Cocktail Version only as of now.
Meteor (clone of Asteroids / Atari) - I finally have now pictures of the Cocktail Version, the PCB's and the Monitor, a TOEI MUSSAN TXY - 14A . Also the Upright has found in Germany with an LAI XY monitor - HOEI as manufacturer is now confirmed.
KLOV link: http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter=M&game_id=8681
Meteor Part II  (clone of Asteroids Deluxe / Atari?) - HOEI still needs to be confirmed, but is very likely, if you compare "Meteor" logo with the one on the Cocktail from Meteor! KLOV link: http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter=M&game_id=10614
Super Meteor (no details known apart from flyer) - 

Nucleus Cannon / Star Castle
  Hoei - year?
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  Hoei - 1980
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Meteor Part II
  HOEI? - Year?
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Super Meteor
  Hoei - 1981
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Karateco (France?)

Asteroid (Clone of Asteroids / Atari) - There is not much known about this game. A flyer exists on TAFA. Seems to have been sold in France and/or Middle East and Japan according to the flyer. The Cab seems to be the same as the Meteor Cab from HOEI.

  Karateco - 1981
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Maxenti (Italy)

Asteroide http://www.vernimark.com/arcade/archive/gameinfo.asp?GameID=531

  Maxenti - 1980
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Mottoeis (Spain)

Star Castle (License build of Star Castle / Cinematronics) - There is not much known about this game. A ROM image exists in MAME.

Star Castle
  Mottoeis - 1980
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Novarmatic / Vectorbeam (Italy)

Super Speedfreak (Most likely a license build of Speedfreak from Vectorbeam) - There is not much known about this game. A marquee exists, owner isMarco Vernillo www.vernimark.com . The marquee mentions both the "Vectorbeam" and the "Novarmatic" logo which suggest a licensed build.

Super Speedfreak
  Novarmatic - ???
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Omni Video Inc. (U.S.)

Meteor (Clone of Asteroids / Atari) - I found the web page of a David Tkacs in the U.S. who owned such a game. From him is the following information:
The cab had a 19V2000 Wells Gardner  monitor and a copy of the Atari Asteroids PCB. Seems that nothing from Atari was inside. Overall it was in such a bad shape due to water damage that it was dumped. The Marquee, Bezel, CP, PCB, harness and some other parts are still there.
» Pictures from David Tkacs - http://www.thatsusinc.com/dave/Meteor.htm

There is another METEOR (Asteroids Clone) on KLOV, see below under "Unknown".

  Omni Video Inc. - 1980
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Armor Attack (Licensed build of Armor Attack / Cinematronics) -
Star Castle (Licensed build of Star Castle / Cinematronics) -

Armor Attack
  Rock-Ola - 1980
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Star Castle
  Rock-Ola - 1980
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Rumiano (Italy)

Hyperspace - not in KLOV

  Rumiano - Year?
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Sega (Japan)

Asteroids (Licensed build of of Asteroids / Atari) - SEGA built a licensed version of Asteroids with the Rev. 2 ROMS gand sold it in Japan. Information found so far are:
PCB pics and explanations from Mark (UK)  http://www.retroclinic.com/leopardcats/segaast/segaast.htm
Marquee Thumbnail from http://www.classicarcadegrafix.com/
NEW 21. May 2009: Steve Smith sent me the scan of the SEGA Asteroids Manual

  Sega - ???
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Sidam (Italy)

Asterock (Clone of Asteroids / Atari) - All further description under All_Info

  Sidam - 1979
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Sonic (Spain)

SPACE WARS (License? of Cinematronics' Space Wars) - Only a flyer known so far.

Space Wars
  Sonic/Cinematronics - 1978
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Taito (Japan)

Asteroids (Licensed Cocktail Table and Upright build of Asteroids / Atari) - The Upright has shown up firstly in April 2009 in the K.L.O.V. message board - link

  Taito - 1981
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VGG - Video Gelectronic Games (Italy)

Meteorites (Clone of Asteroids / Atari) - Mark (UK) www.leopardcats.com (link no longer available) has found a PCB in 1994 and tells:
It's virtually identical to the Atari, except it comes up with "METEORITES BY VGG" in place of the (C)Atari etc. at the bottom of the screen, and the logo flashes as well. There are a few changes in the sounds, looks like just some resistor and capacitor values altered to make the sounds that bit different. It's almost identical to the Atari layout, except it's running on TMS2716s - the tri voltage variant of the regular 2716, and has extra regulators for the voltages they need. It looks like it's also capable of running on 2708s, although I've not tried that.
PCB picture from Mark's Site: Meteorites PCB (original link no longer available)
Flyer is from DEB's Site: http://www.tilt.it/deb/vgg.html

Video Gelectronic Games - 1981?
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Video Games GmbH Lich (Germany)

Takeoff (Clone of  Ripoff / Cinematronics)
Space Castle (Clone of  Star Castle / Cinematronics) - added Feb08, found in Germany, pictures awaited

  Videogames GmbH - 1980
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Space Castle
  Videogames GmbH - ???
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Zaccaria (Italy)

Space Fortress (Clone of Star Castle / Cinematronics) -

Space Pirate (Clone of Ripoff / Cinematronics) -

Space Pirate
  Zaccaria - 1980
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Space Fortress
  Zaccaria - 1981
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Unknown Manufacturer / Rumours

RIPOF - This one is not in KLOV. Not much known. Marco Vernillo has found one in 2007. More information to come ...
SPACEWARS - This one is not in KLOV. Not much known. Mathieu from France sent me the first pictures in July 2008. The marquee and the bezel are clearly the same ones as used in the SPACE WARS form SONIC. More information to come ...

  Manufacturer? - Year?
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  Manufacturer? - Year?
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