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(Update 24. May 2018)
This is my collection

Space Zap (Midway 1980)

A quick grab and a very nice one. Actually it is in quite good condition and I bought it running.

The picture on the b/w monitor screen changes its size depending on the amount of white. I believe I might need to change some of the caps. One of the memory boards was defective and displaying garbage on the screen. I was able to quickly repair it with on of my spares from a GORF cardcage. Otherwise there are some cosmetic things to do: all metal parts have a little rust and one piece of wood is missing on an edge. The covers of the loudspeakers are a little bent and the fan at the bottom of the cab isn't very silent. I have added four feets and replaced the power plug.

On the other hand the glass is pretty perfect. And what shall I say, the kids love this game :-) .

Star Hawk (Vectorbeam 1978)

A very early b/w Vector Game that I imported in May 2005 from the U.S. together with the Eliminator below. I must admit, I don't have a picture of mine yet, so this is "borrowed" from the Internet...

Paul from Pauls 50's helped me in getting it here to Germany and took care of all import documents, customs and delivery to my door.

A first inspection showed that the game is technically wise complete, which is very important. The cab is solid and the monitor and all other electronics is very clean, nothing burned or "repairs" done. Mine is missing the top artwork on the sides, but it seems it has never been there.

 Further link to my Starhawk Project .

Eliminator (SEGA/Gremlin 1981)

The first color vector game from SEGA/Gremlin imported form the U.S. in May 2005 together with the Starhawk from above. The cab is not so pretty, or ;-) ? However I always wanted to have a Vector Game from SEGA and in addition this cab can easily be converted to a Vector- Multigame.

The cabinet is not in a very good condition, there is some Water damage at the bottom. But this one is also complete and nothing looks burned/broken etc. BTW, the G08 Electrohome Monitor inside is well none for its ability to catch fire very easily :-) . Rumours say, you better have a fire extinguisher around.

This is still a project game.

BattlezoneBattlezone (Atari 1979)

This is the fourth one in my Atari Vector Collection. Aquired in October 2004 in Hannover, a 1300km drive, puuuh.

The game was completely dead, when I bought it. Four IC's replaced on the Analog Vector Generator PCB, that's it. The Monitor is running fine as well without any repairs. Might do some cap kit replacement lateron. The marquee lighting is fine after repair including the flourescent tube for the interior. The left joystick bellow needed to be repaired with superglue, also some resoldering of wires of the control panel. Afterwards a good cleaning was done. Left do to is cosmetic and repair of minor defects.

For more details on repair/restauration efforts and additional pictures see the "Battlezone Project" link.

Star Wars CockpitStar  Wars Cockpit (Atari 1983)

This is still in the restoration process, as it was badly damaged. I need some time to get this started. At the moment it is more or less in pieces. Also I have just the 19" Wells Gardner Monitor instead of the 25" Amplifone. Will be a lot of work....

See the Star Wars Project link.

Tempest before/afterTEMPEST

The next one is my Tempest, which I rebuilt nearly completely. The original cab has been cut off by the operator on the height just below the marquee (left picture).

So I decided to dismantle the cab and to rebuild it. I used all of the original electronics and mechanics and built all the particle (wooden) board stuff new. Replaced was the also the marquee, the sideart and control panel overlay (www.arcadeshop.com).  The result you can see on the right picture.

I will put the whole restauration story into  another page  later.

Andy's Atari Asteroids CocktailASTEROIDS

Some luck was necessary to find this one. An Atari Asteroids Cocktail that was in a pretty good shape. Nothing needed to be painted, a good cleaning and it looked like new.

However, both, monitor and PCB were defective. When switching the game on, I just recognized some beeps with an intervall of ~2 seconds. To make the long story short, the monitor and the main PCB were defective. The monitor needed some new deflection transistors plus resoldering the connectors and the Asteroids PCB had ~10 defective IC's in the end. Fortunately the schematics have been inside, so with the help of an oscilloscope, a multimeter and a lot of time I got it working. The only failure since happened 4 after weeks when the picture tube cracked at the neck (no idea why this happened) and I needed to order one from Hawkeye in the U.S.  (www.hawkeyepicturetube.com) .

Jokerz! Pinball & New Way Arcade Machine"NEW WAY" Jamma Cab (Arcade PCB's and MAME)

To the right you see our gameroom in May 2004. On the left is the start of this hobby, the Williams Jokerz! Pinball.

The Arcade Cab is a "New Way" Jamma Cabinet where I am running MAME (Advance Mame) with a Compaq Deskpro EN SFF PC (350 MHz), a J-PAC from Ultimarc (www.ultimarc.com) to convert button presse and joxstick moves into keyboard commands and a Hantarex 28" 15 Khz Arcade Monitor.

Beside that I have a good amount of Jamma and Non-Jamma PCB's (Printed Circuit Boards) and a NEO-GEO single slot board with some cartridges that all could be run in this cab, some with adapters  (see "My PCB's and MVS Carts" link on the left).

Wall Jukebox Rock-Ola 1494 (1962)

This pretty rare WallBox holds fifty 7" vinyl records. The picture from the original flyer show a 1484 which is pretty similar to my 1494. A colleague has overhauled this beauty. I like it because it is relatively small and has plenty of chrome. Rock-Ola was the only one of the large US Jukebox Companies that actually produced wall boxes. The price in 1962 was 3.850DM which corresponds to about ~ 1000USD at this time.

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