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(Update 24. May 2018)

Information/Datasheets for Electronics & Spares

This page contains information about spares, mostly old electronics.
You can get data sheets by clicking on the name of the component.

I can assist those collectors that are need some components to get
their game/PCB running.  I can also program most of the PROMs and EPROMS.
If you are in a need, drop me a mail via the "Privacy Policy" link.

NOTE:  This is NOT a business and  I don't have tons of these items.



2650 / 2650A (Signetics CPU, 8bit, DIP40) - Zaccaria Pinballs and Arcade PCBs
2901 (AMD CPU, 1bit slice processor, DIP40) - Atari Auxiliary boards: Red Baron, Battlezone, Tempest, replaces Atari 137004-001
6502 / 6502A (CPU, 8 bit, 1MHz/1.5MHz, DIP40) - Many Atari and other boards, replaces Atari C014377
65C02  (CPU, CMOS, 8bit, 1-4Mhz, DIP40) - Bus compatible replacement for 6502(A)
6507  (CPU, 8bit, 1.19Mhz, DIP24) - Atari 2600 Console & Atari Tournament Table, replaces Atari C010745
6800 / 68B00 (CPU, 8bit, 1Mhz / 2Mhz, DIP40) - Sinistar, Robotron
6802 (CPU, 8bit, internal clock & RAM, DIP40) - QIX, Zoo Keeper, various pinballs
6801, 6803 (CPU, 8 bit, 2K Mask ROM, 128k RAM, DIP40) - Pinballs
6808 (CPU, 8bit, internal clock, DIP40) - Defender, Joust
6809E / 68A09E / 68B09E  
(CPU, 8bit, 1.0Mhz/1.5MHz/2Mhz, external clock, DIP40) - Star Wars
6809 / 68A09 / 68B09 (CPU, 8bit, 1.0Mhz/1.5MHz/2Mhz, internal clock, DIP40) - Centipede
68000-xx (CPU, 68000, xxMHz, 16 bit, DIP64) - 19XX, Aero Fighters, Neo Geo, many other boards
8035 (CPU, 8bit, RAM, IO, DIP40) - Various sound boards, Astro Blaster, Space Fury
8080 (CPU, 8bit, 1Mhz, DIP40) - Midway, other b/w boards (1976-1980), needs +5V/-5V and +12V
8085A / 8085A-2 (CPU, 8bit, 3MHz/ 5MHz, DIP40) - Phoenix
80C85 (CMOS CPU, 8 bit, 5Mhz, DIP40) - Replacement for 8085 
TMS9980 (TI CPU, 16bit, 2MHz, DIP40) - Cosmic Guerilla, Looping
Z80 / Z80A / Z80B
(CPU, 8bit, 2.5Mhz/4Mhz/6Mhz, DIP40) - One of the most  used CPUs, Galaga, SEGA G80

Static RAM

2015, 2018 (SRAM 2kx8, 35-45ns, 24p-300mil) - NeoGeo, Bubble Bobble etc
2101, 9101, 6501 (SRAM 256x4, 250-1000ns, 22p) - Centipede, Millipede, Galaxian etc
93422, 93L422 (SRAM 256x4, 45-75ns, 22p) - Field Day etc
2102  (SRAM 1kx1, 16p) - Older B/W games
2111  (SRAM 256x4, 18p) - Lunar Lander
2114, 91L14, TMM314APL-1 (SRAM 1kx4, 18p) - Vectrex,  Pac, Asteroids
2125, 93415, 93425 (SRAM 1Kx1, 70ns, 16p) - Pac Man
2147 (SRAM 4Kx1, TS, 45-70ns)
2148, 6148 (SRAM 1Kx4, TS, 35-55ns, 18p) - Galaga
2149   (SRAM 1Kx4, TS, 55ns, 18p, no powerdown) - Pole Position, Crystal Castles
27LS01, 93411 (SRAM 256x1, OC, low power, 16p) - Centipede
27LS00 (SRAM 256x1, TS, low power, 16p) - Galaxian, Pac Man, Frogger
5101, 6551 (CMOS SRAM 256x4, 22p) - Pinballs, Defender High Scores
5114, MB8414 (CMOS SRAM 1Kx4, 18p) - Robotron, Joust, Sinistar, Stargate, Bubbles High Scores / Settings
6116 (CMOS SRAM 2Kx8, 24p)
6264 (CMOS SRAM 8Kx8, 28p)
6514 (CMOS SRAM 1Kx8, 350ns, 18p)
82S09, 93419 (SRAM 64x9, 28p) Midway Tron, Satans Hollow etc, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Qbert, Reactor
82s25, 7489, 74S289 (SRAM 16x4, OC, 16p) - Pac Man, Tempest
HM10422 (SRAM, ECL, 256x4, TS, 24p small) Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr.

Dynamic RAM

2107, 9060, 5280 (DRAM 4kx1, 22p) - Space Invaders, Boot Hill, Gunfight
4027, 4096, 2104 (DRAM 4kx1, mux_addr, 16p) - Gorf, Wizard of War
4116 (DRAM 16kx1, 16p) - QIX
4164 (DRAM 64kx1, 16p)


2532 (EPROM 4kx8, 24p) - Pac Man, Wizard of Wor
(EPROM 1kx8,  24p, +5V,-5V +12V)
2716 (EPROM 2kx8, 24p Asteroids, Missile Command
TMS2716 (EPROM 2kx8, ! different pinout than 2716, 24p)
2732, 27C32 (EPROM 4kx8, 24p) - Galaga
2764, 27C64  (EPROM 8kx8, 28p)
27128, 27C128 (EPROM 16kx8, 28p)
27256, 27C256 (EPROM 32kx8)
27C512 (EPROM 64k x8 EPROM)


ER0255 (EEPROM 64x8 bit) - Tempest High Score Save
X2212P (NVRAM 256x4 bit) - High Score Save for Star Wars, Crystal Castles, Food Fight

Bipolar (TTL) PROM

27S181, 27S81, 82S181, MB7132 (BPROM 1kx8, TS, 24p) - Midway Boards, SEGA Monaco GP
27S191  (BPROM 2kx8, TS, 24p) - Williams
82S23 (BPROM 32x8, OC, 16p)
82S123, IM5610CPE, 6331 (BPROM 32x8, TS, 16p) - Galaga
82S126 (BPROM 256x4, OC, 16p) - Atari, Galaga
82S129, IM5623CPE, 6301, 63S141 (BPROM 256x4 TS Output) - Atari, Galaga
82S131, AM27S13 (BPROM 512x4, TS, 16p)
82S137, M1-7643-5,  AM27S33, DM74S573 (BPROM 1kx4, 18p) - Star Wars
82S1417621 MB7126 (BPROM 512x8, TS, 24p) - SEGA Monaco GP

Sound Amplifiers & Sound Chips

HA1366W/R   (Audio Power Amplifier 5,5W, "R" Version for Mirrored Pinout)
HA1368/R (Audio Power Amplifier 5,3W, "R" Version for Mirrored Pinout) - 1942, Crazy Kong
HA1377 (Dual 8.5W Audio Power Amplifiers) - Crystal Castles two PCB Stack
LA4460 & LA4461 (Power Amplifier 12W, Mirrored Pinout)
LM379S (Dual-Channel Audio Power-Output Amplifier, 28V)
M51516L (Amplifier 12W, 18V) - Frogger
MB3712 & MB3713 (Amplifier 5.7W, 9-16V, 4Ohm, SIL, Mirrored Pinout)
MB3730A (Power Audio Amplifier 14W, 18V, SIL)
MB3731 (Power Audio Amplifier 18W, 18V, SIL)
MN6221AA (Melody Chip, 18p, DIL) - Phoenix
SC01 (Votrax Speech Synthesizer, 22p, DIL) - GORF, Wizard of War, Pinballs
TDA2002 (Power Amplifier 8W, 18V, 5pin power package) - Atari Audio Regulator I & II
uPC 1181 & uPC 1182 ( NEC Power Amplifier, 5.8W, 18V, SIL, Mirrored Pinout )

TTL Logic (74LS***)

TTL Data Book from ON Semiconductor  (LS Type logic, not all Types but many)

ECL Logic (MC101**)

MC10105 (Triple 2-3-2-Input OR/NOR Gate)
MC10116 (Triple Line Receiver)
MC10124 (Quad TTL to ECL Translator)
MC10125 (Quad ECL to TTL Translator)
MC10136 (Universal Hexadecimal Counter)

DA / AD Converters, Analog Switches, Multipliers

AD561J  (DA, 10 bit, 16p) - Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe, Lunar Lander and SEGA/Gremlin XY games
DAC0808 (DA, 8bit, 16p) - Vectrex
DAC08EP  (DA, 8bit multiplying, 16p) - Tempest
DAC312, AM6012 (DA, 12 bit multiplying, 20p) - Atari Color XY games
DAC800 (DA, 12 bit, Voltage or Current Output, 24p) - Cinematronics/Vectorbeam XY Monitor
DG201 (Analog Switch) - Atari Color XY games
LF13331 (Analog Switch) - Cinematronics/Vectorbeam XY Monitor
MC1495 (Analog Multiplier) - Atari Color XY games

Cross References

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More to come soon ...

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