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(Update 24. May 2018)

Website is maintained by :

Andreas Kraemer
Bernoeder Weg 4a
84405 Dorfen

What is the intention of this site?

This is a private site maintained with lots of effort by an Arcade Machine collector to inform about and assist with preserving for as many as possible of these wonderful Arcade Machines from the "Golden Age" ( until 1985). I'll encourage all of the readers to get in touch with me, especially if you are located in Europe.

My Links are Recommendations!

When I am linking to other web pages, you can understand this as recommendations if not otherwise explained. These are links that I found interesting to read, to have a lot of good information etc. What can happen is that the contents are changing without myself noticing it. Such things are not nice, but they happen, I have no influence on this. If you find a link to content that you believe isn't appropriate, send me a note and I'll review it.

Registered Trade Marks / Copyrights

Product Names of existing or no longer existing companies on this site may be registered Trade Marks of their respective owners. Mentioning their names is only for the purpose of referring to their products. Similarly, Copyrights may exist for all products mentioned on this site.

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