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(Update 24. May 2018)

Welcome to AndysArcade.De

Web Site of a Vector Game Fan


SW Cockpit (Atari)25. Mar. 2014
Added pictures of the Wells Gardner 6400 Color Vector Monitor - thanks to Jeffrey Matthews

19. Feb. 2012

Couple of updates on the Trade/Wanted page - Offering Fluke 9010A / Fluke 9000A stuff

.... older "News" can be found in the News Archive

Why does this site exist ?

This site is created and maintained primarily to provide information about Vector Arcade Games, their history, the companies who developed them, technical details, restoration/repair hints and parts sourcing help. 

Of course, much of the information applies in general to arcade games at this time and this is the second objective to assist in repairing and restoring of machines of the "Golden Age"  (1978-1985). A nice game and one of my favorites is the Tempest from Atari.

Who does not know Vector Games like Asteroids, Tempest or Space Wars, who wasn't fascinated by the smooth graphics and crisp picture of a Vector Monitor and didn't spend coin after coin in trying to raise the Hi-Score. I must admit, I missed these games in the Arcades but came back to them in 2003 when I bought an Asteroids Cocktail Table in EBAY that was completely dead.  Knowledge of electronics helped in repairing the PCB and the complete machine and after the picture on the monitor was back, I was hooked to the vector stuff. If you know the difference between a MAME emulation of Asteroids and the real thing, you know what I mean.

Since then years I spent in collecting further vector games and learned more in repairing also vector monitors as well as PCB's. I read excellent articles about the secrets of vector games and monitors and I was also able to help some collectors here in Germany to restore their machines. My collection can be seen under "My Arcade Collection" link on the left.

Almost two years ago I started to build this site about Vector Games. Admittedly there is much information out there on the internet regarding vector games. What I intend to do is to list all vector games on one site including clones and licensed versions and to provide as much information on one page per game including good pictures that help restoring. I'll not try to duplicate things, so I'll link to existing sites whereever feasible.

If you believe, you can add to this site with good pictures of Vector Machines or any other information or if you have feedback then drop me a mail via Privacy Policy.

Thanks for reading,

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