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(Update 24. May 2018)

Battlezone Upright - Repair Done, Restoring now

Current status from 18.October 2007

3. October 2004
A new "aquisition" from October 2004, a Battlezone Upright.  This one was offered on EBAY in  July as "defective" together with a second one, that was functioning. The price went too high for those two. After the auction I contacted the buyer and after some months of thinking and trying to repair it by himself he offered me the second "defective" one which I bought. WOW, a 1300km drive for an Arcade Game.

The Cab itself is in a good shape with only minimum damage around the lower edges. The sideart has some scratches, but in overall it looks great (see links below). The marquee is fine. The controlpanel has some wear and minor rust on the right side of the handles. The handles themselves are not broken, however the bellows which bring the handles back into the center position will probaly need replacing. The monitor has some slight burn-in, but powers on and the neck glows. Not seen more, as the PCB's have a problem (which I knew).  The coindor is made of stainless steel which I think is true for all the european built cabs. The marquee lighting is completely dead incl. the blacklight tube.

After removing the heavy inside stuff I moved the cab with with the help of a second person in the gameroom in the cellar and re-assembled everything..

As I tested out and knew it already, one ROM at location A3 was missing and the previous owner said the PCB's were not working. So I decided to swap another set of PCB's in that I already had. Well, the success was poor as well. No picture, but two high tones in Test Mode. Replaced two 2114 RAMS at H2/J2. Next test: two low tones, two high tones. Replaced A1/A2 RAMS, no effect...two low tones, two high tones. Looking into the drawings I realized, A1/A2 belong to the Vector RAM and there might be some other chips involved as this RAM is kind of "dual-ported" between the Main Processor and the Vector State Machine.

Update 7. October 2004
Now how does the CPU access the vector generator RAM? Via the Vector Generator Address-Selector 74LS157 Multiplexers. I checked all of their outputs with a scope and the one at E4 had a floating output. Replaced it and the board powered up and no more beeps.

However, the output on the monitor screen is still missing, at least it looked like that. The "chattering noise of the yokes was clearly hearable, the neck glowed, high Voltage of 12 KV was also there, so I decided to raise intensity a little. The picture came on, but with all the "supposed-to-be-blank-vectors" visible. The problem is that the Z output of the board is "0", so blanking all the time.

Update 10. October 2004
The blanking problem was in the "windowing" sample&hold circuits. After replacing the TL084 quad OP-AMP I got a picture in the screen. However, it was shifted to the right and missing 25% of the left side. The CRT was ok, as I put it on my Asteroids and it worked there. Then suddenly the Z input was dead again, but also the x-Axis showed a weird picture on the oscilloscope, far different than in the Minitor Manual. Tracing back the signal I found that a 6021 D/A Converter has died :(. Put a new one in and .... picture was there again, but still missing the 25% on the left. Again the windowing circuit fired the blanking signal. In the end the responsible IC was the newly swapped-in TL084 from above. It caused the voltage of the Sample&Hold circuit to go down too rapidly.

Now it is working technically wise apart from the lighting and I can have look at cleaning and  reworking the cab, the controls etc....

Update 17. October 2004
Today I did some cleaning and repair of the joysticks. Joysticks needed mainly a cleaning, on bellow was defective in that the inner metall ring was loose. I glued it back with Cyanoacrylat, hope that will last a while. Added some missing screws, soldered some wires together and added heatshrink tube. Looks very nicely now.

Next step was cleaning of the sideart and all of the plexi where the player and the "watching" persons can look through. Then tried out also a german flourescent tube for the marquee which worked fine and decided order a  blacklight tube for the backgound as well. Replaced also the coindoor lock where the key did not fit. Now the machine  resides beside my Tempest.  Bulbs for the coindoor need also to be replaced...

Update 30. November 2004
The blacklight (UV) tube arrived and works fine. The Coindoor bulbs are also replaced now. Left to do is cosmetics (sideart cleaning) and some repairs (damage lower sides and T-Molding). Also got a pair of joystick Bellows on EBAY for a reasonable price. The footstep is also missing. I will try out the Vectorlist if someone can send me some pics and measures.

Update 16. June 2005
I got a footstep :-) and it is an original one. Not in perfect Condition, but anyway. Got it as a gift from a guy for which I am trying to repair his GORF, hope that I'll manage to do that...

To be continued.......

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