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(Update 24. May 2018)

Reproducing Schematics for a Blue Gallag  (Cancelled)

Current status from 13. October 2007

New Entry 18. June 2004

Got a blue Gallag to repair, that has a bad video board.
There is no video output at all, but the the game seems to power up and run in the background.
Looking around for schematics and repair information I found some nice pages (see the Links Section)
but no good schematics.

This is the best drawing I could find, It is hardly readable..

Picture 1

Now, you might say, why one would need a schematic, I have repaired so many boards w/o any.
The answer is pretty simple, it is a matter of experience (I think), and I don't have much.
I then looked around to find a free schematics editor and I found one here... 

Eagle Light Edition:  http://www.cadsoft.de/freeware.htm

The restriction of only one sheet doesn't bother at all as I wanted to use only one sheet for the Video
PCB anyway and a seperate one for the CPU. The software is easy to use and is delivered with the
full libraries of components.

By using an Ohmmeter, the original schematics opened in "PAINT" and the video board on the desk
I started to lookup the traces and made some notes as I identified the ICs and other components
and the connections between them.
The result looks like this:

Picture 2

Going one step further I created a new drawing in the EAGLE schematics editor.
That's better if you compare it with the original....

Picture 3

...but its going to take a while, I suppose.

If you want to have a look at the current status of the work, its  the first link.


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