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(Update 24. May 2018)

(Zaccaria 1980)

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NEW:  One of the upright versions has been found in February 2011 - link

Game Info

Description - Space Pirate is a copy of Cinematronics' Rip Off. Wether we're talking about a licensed game or a pirated copy, is unclear. Reason is that on the CPU PCB the two logos of Cinematronics and Zaccaria are co-existing side by side.

Cabinet Types - Upright cab with Color Finish, Upright cab with wood finish and the Cocktail cab
The Cocktail cab version has been known to still exist for a while. The two versions of the Upright were lost for some time  until now, in Feb. 2011, the colorful Upright cab has been found link. More pictures will follow...


PCB(s) - CPU & Sound PCB

Monitor -
The monitor is an italian brand Hantarex XY b/w monitor, 17" for Cocktail  and presumably 19" for the upright

Original  - 
Rip Off (Cinematronics)

Prototypes  -  not known

Other Links
» SPACE PIRATE on K.L.O.V. ( The "Killer" List of Video Games) - www.klov.com
» SPACE PIRATE Upright on arcadeflyers.com - www.arcadeflyers.com
» SPACE PIRATE COCKTAIL on M. Vernillo site  - http://www.vernimark,com/


» SPACE PIRATE Upright Cabinet (Color Finish) - [link] NEW!!!
» SPACE PIRATE Upright Cabinet (Wood Finish) - missing
» SPACE PIRATE Cocktail  - [link]
» Monitor Hantarex 17"/19" - [link]

Manuals/Datasheets/Technical Info

» Technical Manual for Cocktail Table from Zaccaria - [ link ]
» Datasheets for electronic components - tbd


Repair Tips  -  All tips are for the original Cinematronics version "Rip Off", but can be applied for this game as well.
» Cinematronics History (Steve Ozdemir) - [ link ]
» Details on ROM Placement (Zonn Moore) - [ link ]
» Howto read 9316 Mask ROMs (Andy Warren) - [ link ]
» CCPU Tester Schematics (Courtesy of David Fish) - Schematics Layout Cables Description

Restore Pages

No specific page known

) - from www.ionpool.net

ROMs are only for restoring boards back to life, not to use them on any emulator!!!
» CCPU PROMs - 6 x 74S288 -  [ link ]
» SPACE PIRATE ROMs (not verified, but may be these here from the original Cinematronics Rip Off )- 4 x 2716 -  [ link ]


Spares - Generally have a look at the "Link Collection" section to find sources. I can help out with single electronic items, if you don't find them elsewhere. A non conclusive List is in the "Electronics / Parts" section.
Reproductions - I don't know of specific reproductions for this machine. Maybe this has changed. Have a look in the "Link Collection" section:
» not known yet


» CCPU Upgrade to 2732 EPROMs (Moore, McClintock) - [ link ]

Mixed Stuff


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